Does any one offer .in domain privacy protection

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If you bought .in domain from Godaddy, or Bigrock, or any other service provider, and looking for privacy protection option then you should read this. I already face this issue while trying to add domain privacy protection to my .in domain and spend hours to find out the solution.

You must be aware that there are several advantages of having privacy protection enable for a domain. It not just hide your name, email and address but also hide your phone number.  Thus protect from hackers, spammers and data miners.

How to add domain privacy to your .in domain?

Wondering how to enable Privacy Protection option on your Godaddy/Bigrock/Bluehost for .in Domain? Everytime you book a domain, your personal detail disclosed.

Domain Registrar like Godaddy/BigRock/Hostgator/Bluehost do charge additional fees for private domain registration. While other registrar like or Domains. Google offer free domain privacy protection.

But, the million dollar question is, how to enable privacy protection for my .in domain?

Also check how to change Nameserver in Godaddy.

So, if you are also scratching your head and finding Privacy option on your Godaddy/Bigrock domain control panel, then you should check these:

Is .in domain privacy protection is available in Godaddy?

To check whether private domain registration is available for .in domain to your Godaddy account, follow these steps:

  • Login to Godaddy Account
  • Type
  • And replace “domainname” to your domain name and hit enter.
  • Scrawl down and go to ‘Contact Information’
  • No such ‘Make Private’ option is available.

What BigRock has to say?

I talk to the BigRock Customer Support and tried to figure out whether privacy protection option is available for .in domain and they confirmed that this option is not available, here is print-shot:

Bigrock Private Registration for .in Domain

Does any other Domain Registrar offer Private Domain Registration for .in Domain?

Let me tell you that none of the Domain Registrar offer Privacy Protection for .in Domain.

Yes, my friend, you hear it right, you can’t hide your personal detail using privacy protection for your .in (Indian) domain.

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