Namecheap auto renewal enable disable option

How to Enable Disable Namecheap Auto Renew for Domain/Hosting

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If you have a domain or hosting account on Namecheap and wanted to enable or disable auto renew option then follow these steps to avoid automatic renewal. I personally use Namecheap account for buying domain and used it for hosting account as well. However, I found that Domain service is pretty much good as reliable to Hosting. When you buy a domain or hosting account with Namecheap then by default the auto-renewal is turned-on. And in case if you don’t want to renew it, but forgot to disable auto-renew option then the system itself will renew it and charge to your credit card.

So, lets find how we can enable or disable auto-renewal option on Namecheap account by following below steps:

1) Type on Chrome browser and hit Enter.

2) Click on SIGN IN link located on top corner left hand side.

3) Enter your Username and Password and click on Sign In button as show below:

Namecheap login option

4) Scrawl down a bit and and it will show all available Domains and Hosting plans.

5) Click on Arrow button Arrow  beside the domain for which you want to disable auto-renewal option.

6) A menu option will open, click on Radio button “Auto Renew” in order to enable or disable domain or hosting renewal.

Namecheap auto renewal enable disable option

Using this option, you can also enable or disable auto-renew for SSL certificate as well.

You might be interested to read how to redirect http to https after installing ssl certificate.

This is the most convenient way to enable or disable Namecheap domain / hosting auto-renewal without contacting customer service, thus will save your time.

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