Website Backup Services and Solutions

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Website Backup Services and Solutions

Protect your valuable website with my Website Backup assistance.

  • Avoid downtime
  • Reliable manual website database and files backup
  • Disaster recovery

I will backup your website including the database, images, and files and it doesn’t matter on which hosting server you are using.

Website backup service

Irrespective of what you do to have your website secured, a bit of risk always remains. Technology has seen a rapid advancement in recent years. This has raised the threat levels for websites many of which are still vulnerable to hackers and spyware or malware. It’s very likely that your site is vulnerable to losing data. In fact, while you might not realize it, the entire site may be lost. This is where website backup helps. Let’s see what website backup is and how I can help.

What is the Website Backup?

Keeping the information on a website including its images, plug-ins, databases, add-ons, files, and codes safe and secure is referred to as website backup. As your website is vulnerable to facing crashes, security breaches,es or sudden downtime, protecting your website with a backup becomes important.

It goes without saying that to bring you close to your target audience, your website needs to be up and running 24×7. But then, your website may stop functioning due to causes, man-made or otherwise that are beyond your control. That results in you losing the edge you had over your competitors and you also lose the trust of your customers.

A backup to your website protects it by-

  • Shielding it from hackers and malware
  • Protect the website from natural disasters which could hamper its functioning

Why is it Important to Have a Website Backup?

Your website is how you reach out to the world. It helps you stay ahead in the competition. But then, just having a website going live is far from enough. In order to effectively counter and preempt malware attacks, hardware crashes, system failures, or hacking, it’s imperative that you have a backup for your website. This is of utmost importance as your website falling prey to such issues can harm your business severely.

Your website backup shields the website from hackers and malware: Due to the ever increasing menace of cybercrime, website backup has become even more important. Your website is under increasing threat of newer variants of ransomware, trojans, viruses and malware that could steal sensitive data. These could be unleashed on your website by hackers any moment.

It’s a shield against any act of God: A sudden crash may be caused to your IT infrastructure that may collapse after a storm, a deluge, an earthquake, a mechanical failure or even a power outage. That’s when you can lose all your sensitive data in seconds. That makes having a backup for all your data imperative.

Why Should You Hire Me for Website Backup?

Maintaining or protecting your website is a cumbersome process. It takes a lot of time and effort. Unlike a ready-made automated backup solution,  I manually take website backup including files, images and database. Let me tell you how I can assist you:

  • Being a professional, time is precious to you. I help you save time. I shall take the trouble of protecting your website against any disaster, man-made or otherwise by employing latest technology. While I work on your website, you concentrate on your business. That makes things far simpler.
  • I help you protect and secure your website. With your website coming under increasing risk of cyberattacks, it would be a wise decision to hire a professional like me. I give your website the security features it needs as I know what the game is all about.

Benefits of Hiring Backup Services

As a professional webmaster, I know how to backup your WordPress or any cms website. That helps to retrieve lost data in case your website crashes or hacked. I also know how to update your website with the latest patches s which help protect your site from hackers. With the necessary knowledge and qualification, I can locate suspicious activities and eliminate them.

As I’m aware of the latest technologies, I know all the complex activities involved in protecting your website. As an expert, I can not only give your website the protection it needs, I can also make necessary updates on it to keep your data safe.

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