Website Maintenance Services

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Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance services by experience Webmaster who offer reliable, secure, fast maintenance and support for your website.  A fresh and well maintained site not only rank well on search engines but also provide up-to-date detail to your existing and prospective/customers.

The needs of businesses are changing constantly that’s why it has become mandatory for the companies to make the necessary changes to its website keeping the customers in mind. Also, if the website is not created keeping the customers in mind, it will make a poor impression for both current and potential customers. Rather, you want customers to enjoy your website and stay engaged with your business. Apart from this, if you don’t update your website, your company is more likely to be surpassed your competitors that make the relevant changes in its website time-to-time.

Why you need Website Maintenance Services

  • Regular Content Update
  • New Page Creation
  • Image Editing (We also offer free images)
  • Website Backup (Bi-monthly & Monthly – as per request)
  • Security Scan
  • Update CMS
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Form
  • Broken Link
  • Video
  • Navigation

How does Website maintenance cost calculated

It totally depends on work time, types of site work and how frequently have to involved.  However, I can assure you that the website maintenance prices are almost 50% cheaper than other service provider who charge anything from $20 to $50 per hour.

Kindly check my affordable website maintenance pricing detail here.

I have 12 years of experience in Information Technology field and also running an IT firm from last 08 years. Me and my firm is engaged in World Wide Web Technology to assist you in maintaining your online presence. As per the business needs of our customers, I have the multiple offers for our customers. As of now, I have total 8-member of the team who are expert in coding, designing, security to server maintenance. Most of all, we offer the day to day maintenance service to our customers. Recently, we are maintaining 30+ Static and Dynamic WordPress sites. Our experts have an incredible knowledge in HTML, PHP, MySQL, XML, ASP/ASPX.

List of Services I Offer Under Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

Looking for a Website Maintenance Services to take care of your website. We are ahead from many website maintenance companies by offering affordable and fast services. To update your Website regularly gives a fresh coat of color to your website and business as well. Updating the content regularly to your site, it increases the credibility amongst the customers and also attracts the customers repeatedly to visit your site again and again. If you own a business website, it becomes mandatory to update the contents of your website regularly to promote your brand. Providing the Website maintenance service, I apply some great tactics to exceed the number of visitors drastically on your website.

Custom Page Templates Creation

Creating the Page Templates to your WordPress website is a unique way to add structural changes. It is a highly customized functionality to your website as well. In WordPress, custom page allows you to choose the different layouts compared to the regular pages.  A smart custom homepage shows your professionalism that also encourages users to visit your website multiple times. It helps you to promote your sales and service drastically. I create the custom page templates for your WordPress Website using elegant designs that suits your business.

Image Editing

Image editing for your site increases the number of visitors to your site from Google Images search. Editing of the images is also a vital component of building a powerful website. Editing of images is the main item as well as the only item of a publication. I also offer the Featured Images to my clients which are used to entice the users into reading your contents promoting your Sales & Services. Featured Images also play a vital role in social media sharing.

I also offer the free images to the clients for their websites.

Website Backup

Backing up your website is one of the best methods to protect it from hackers.  If your site is hacked or if your web hosting server crashes, an elegant backup method by a skilled service provider is the only method to protect from this fallback.

Protecting your website from hackers, I update your website Bi-Monthly & Monthly as per the request of the client. My automatic backup service runs on a random day, and also each run overwrites earlier backups.

Security Scan

I provide the Security scan to your WordPress website that monitors the suspicious activities like hacking, malware and audits all the time. I also offer malware removal services – check it here. Apart from this, I also assist to fix the website if it is already hacked. With my scanning service for your WP site, you make your website secure, reliable, hack and spam free.

The main reason for hacking the website is outdated plugins that’s why we update your WordPress plugins and themes at a fixed time-period. Apart from this, we secure your Web Server Configuration and WordPress File Permissions as well.

Update CMS

Content Management System is one of the key components of your website by which you do ultimate control of your online domain. Me and my  experts team help you in updating the CMS for your website. CMS helps you to recognize the business of your company online and your present to the world as well.

Website Speed Optimization

This is one of the key factors to boost your website smoothly with a great traffic. The speed of loading your web page determines the position of your site in the search engine results. Faster sites are easier to visualize by your users.

Google confirm that website speed does matter in Search Engine Optimization. I optimize your site to make sure that it should load fast and pass the ‘Google Website Speed Test’.

All in all, I optimize the speed of your site that draws in visitors and makes you able to lead in the industry that also helps you to increase the overall revenue for your business.

Website Maintenance Packages

We provide both Monthly and Yearly website maintenance plan to our customers. We provide the essential maintenance and security services that every WordPress website requires. Our website maintenance service is based on a real-time, daily, and weekly basis that keeps your site healthy, optimized, and fully-secure as well. Our WP website Monthly and Yearly maintenance price are less compared to the others in the industry. In this price, we provide services like website hosting, website backups, and system upgrades to our clients. Apart from these, there are other various benefits of joining us as well.


As a highly innovative and efficient service provider, there are various benefits of joining us. Having more than 12 years of incredible experience of providing the Website services, you get the extremely professional CMS maintenance services. I always take care your custom built/WP site as per your exact business needs to meet your  target audiences.

I and my talented team of WordPress developers which is always ready to serve and suggest the best advice for your business to a completely different level. Apart from getting the best advice from our experts, you also get the other great benefits from our company as well. I always provide the integrated SEO friendly module that drives the maximum traffic to your WP website through Google.

I use the latest version of WordPress core software that keeps safe your site. I also provide the automatic updates to your WP site when they are available. With my SEO Friendly module, you get the maximum traffic to your site with a optimum speed. Apart from these, you also get the 24×7 connectivity with our experts.

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