WordPress Speed Optimization Service

If your WordPress website is taking time to load or running slow then chances are you are loosing prospective customer. Nowadays, building a website isn’t a big deal. There are thousands of website available on any similar topic but with different load time. And, it is about speed, users generally prefer surfing through the websites with quicker loading time.

Wordpress Speed Optimization

If you are facing the load time issue with your website and getting lesser visitors than before, contact us right away at WordPress Speed Fix Service. Our team makes sure that you get your issue resolved just on time and within budget.

How does the WordPress Speed Fix Service work?

I previously assisted a wider customer base in speeding up their WordPress websites.

Typically, there are three stages we follow to fix the website speed once you complete the order:

1) Gather complete information and identify the root cause

Before getting started with your project, we need detailed information regarding your issue and also need to get some logons from you.

Then we access your website, make a backup of it, work on the extensive checklist to find out the ultimate cause of your website’s load time and make out the strategies accordingly.

2) Identify Root Issues and Quick Fix Them

Once we are done with the analysis, we fix what’s broken or affecting the website load speed. Also, we conduct any major optimization, if needed.

3) Speed Optimizations and Optional Implementation of Cloudflare CDN

After fixing the cause of the slow speed, we now work on making your website load as fast as reasonably possible.

In the final stage, we will configure your website settings, image compression, caching, and other services which you can find in our services section.

About the Services

My expert WordPress Speed Optimization Service will boost your website speed and performance, which will give a good user experience.

I am committed to working on WordPress optimization and your theme in order to improve the website performance, user interface and experience.

  • Caching: We provide premium WordPress Rocket plugin installation on your website. The WP Rocket plugin will manage your website’s caching, HTML- JS & CSS and will lazy load the website images making your WP website to load lot  faster.
  • Optimize the Database: Website laden with unwanted database can be turned to load with faster response times. We can help remove all the older comments, trash, outdated revisions, and other miscellaneous stuffs from the website reducing it’s loading speed and getting the database optimized.
  • Image Compression: Website images are usually of high resolution with heavy bytes. It can hamper your website’s loading speed which may reduce your website traffic as well. However, we provide image compression services by using image compression plugin, which will significantly improve your website’s load time.
  • Removing Unnecessary Plugins: Plugins are often used to enhance websites with added functionalities and customization. But, at the same time, there are certain disadvantages as it can put strain on your resources and slow down the website speed. So, if your plugin is not up to the mark, we can help you spot the issue and suggest an alternative to it.
  • Bad Requests: If any of the website contents has been removed or no longer exists, then it needs to be deleted and fixed. Else, visitors opening those non-existing pages will take longer to load and the resources will return a 404 error for those broken links.
  • Brute Force: WordPress is vulnerable to third party attacks where the hacker tries to break through the wp-login.php or xmlrpc.php file to make access or until the website is out of memory. However, we make sure that your website doesn’t face any such event by limiting the login attempts of your website and configuring .htaccess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What plugins do you use for WordPress website customization?

Answer:  While optimizing a WordPress website, we basically work on the following plugins: WP Rocket, TinyPNG, Smush it, P3 Profiler and other related plugins depending your website requirements.

Question: Should I use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

Answer: If your website targets global visitors, then we highly recommend using CDN to enhance your website’s assets delivery. However, for local business website with only limited target audiences within the same country, a CDN mustn’t be necessary. This is where we assist you with realizable website hosting service and a well-optimized installation which can quite fit your need.

Question: Do you work on WooCommerce websites?

Answer: Yes! We understand that website load time is a crucial for e-Commerce and that it can directly impact on your website traffic. Just make sure that your website is hosted on a good server. Basic level hosting strategies are not good enough for maintaining WooCommerce stores

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