How to Access cPanel on GoDaddy Account

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To access the cPanel on your Godaddy account, you can use 02 ways, that give full control over web hosting account, setting up email id, database, ftp account etc.  Let’s have a look how to do that:

How to login to Godaddy Cpanel

1) Type on your Browser and hit Enter

2) Click on Sign-in option located on top Right-hand-side

Godaddy Right hand side page

3) Enter your username and password and click on Login

4) It will take you Godaddy product page, scrawl down a bit and click on Web Hosting

5) Now it will show cPanel account, click on Manage button

Godaddy manage web hosting option

6) Now click on cPanel Admin, it will take you to the web hosting control panel page.

How to Access cPanel through Login Page

This is useful method if you want to share your hosting account with developer to provide hosting access. You can also use login page to access Cpanel directly without going to Godaddy dashboard.

1) Open your browser and type https://(yourhostingipaddress)2087/. Make sure to replace “yourhostingipaddress” with your our IP address that was provided to you by Godaddy.

2) This will open login page, enter your root username and password.  You can alternatively use godaddy email ID.

3) Click on OK to login the page.

Alternate method to login your Cpanel:

  • Open your favorite browser, type http://yoursitename/cpanel and hit enter. Replace “yoursitename” with your domain name that is registered with godaddy.
  • Now enter Username and Password and click on OK. Now you are successfully login to your cPanel account.

Above method works for Hosting with Cpanel Godaddy for Windows and Linux plan.

You can use above method to access your email by login to your Godaddy Cpanel. Additional task that can be performed are:

  • Creating new email ID
  • Webmail login
  • Creating FTP Account
  • Database
  • Hosting new website by Addon Domain

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