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Providing my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert services in Thimphu, Bhutan. With 12+ years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing filed, my services in Bhutan are affordable to grow your business online. I have been working with Tours and Travel companies since 2010.

Look no further! Your search for an SEO expert stops here! I am Kumar with 12 years of experience in the field of SEO. Hire me for a hassle free, and sure shot way to deal with your website traffic. I am an SEO expert service provider in Thimphu, Bhutan with 12 years of experience running a Digital Marketing Company.

As an SEO service provider I excel in internet marketing services and work hard to bring website on first page of search engine result page. I can’t guarantee for top 3 ranking for all set of keywords, but depending on keyword’s competition, I can make sure to bring the website on 1st page. I not only apply the latest techniques but also maintain international standards. My logical and modern approach ensures great search results for your website guarantying increased business.

Why am I different as an SEO Expert?

Since the algorithm of SEO keep getting modifying every day, I keep myself updated round the clock to provide the latest techniques that follow Search Engine guidelines. I spend a good amount of time on research, reading digital marketing blogs and videos to keep my-self up-to-date.

I have been in different places of Bhutan and working with Tours and Travel industry from last 10 years.  This given me overall good knowledge and know what things work and what not and how to generate query for your business.

But before you hire me let’s just a take a quick tour of what actually you should expect from a SEO expert:

During Tiger Nest Trekking in Bhutan

What is SEO and its Process?

Search engine optimization is the course of affecting the visibility of the website online. Higher the rank of the page higher it goes up on the search engine page thus increasing its visibility to the online audience. These visitors may turn into prospective customers later and thus SEO is a crucial aspect for online marketing. It has become a mandatory service in the realm of information technology.

Depending on the type of website like Tours and Travel, finance, e-commerce, organizational or educational SEO serves varied purposes for different needs of people.

My services include all of the above mentioned and even more. If you want to hire an SEO expert in Bhutan look no further and test my services. If you tight on budget you can try the following basic tips listed below. Once you start using SEO for your page you will understand the huge difference it creates on your page exposure to its target audience and may also hire me for a more detailed and more analytical way of dealing with your page rank. Since it’s a continuous and extremely dynamic process basic knowledge may not contribute fully. Also there is post delivery support for fixing any kind of difficulties as well. Only after trying try my services and feel free to contact me at your convenient time. I am just a ring away.

In the meanwhile read through the following to start with the basics of building traffic for your page:

Keyword Research

An expert SEO will always understand the type of keywords used for the site and will spend the initial hours understanding and building a list of prospective keywords. I specially lay emphasis on this ground work before moving any further. 

Check the Competition

 Checking the ranking of your competitor’s page will ensure how much you need to modify your SEO process. Resources also need to be modified.If you are based on Bhutan and running a web development company then you may consider white label seo reseller services here.

bug fixing

Fix and Clean up Website

It is to be ensured that your website of SEO friendly and a has a user friendly interface.

Add Informative Content on Your website

Good content goes a long way and is the best way to ensure good traffic to your website. 

Create Sitemap for User and Search Engines (XML)

A sitemap or webmaster console is a wise way to get insights into problems in the website. They provide valuable feedback or data through statistics. 

Add Analytics to monitor Traffic

Adding analytics ensure a good visibility on the kind of traffic on the website. It helps in understanding the effectiveness of online involvement and aid in allocating resources which will help the website grow and become popular. Web analytics are very important in understanding what how your different actions translate into results in the case of your website.

Get Genuine Back Link

Back links are the ones which the search engines depend on. It is necessary to impart a clear view of your website.

Social Media

Linking with social media ensure a vast exposure and is always a good idea to promote your website. Engaging with your audience and answering their queries, resolving their issues and keeping a note of their comments help in improving the website and your services in general. 

Ranking and Traffic Analysis

This dynamic activity needs a lot of attention and instant action to keep the website at the top of search engines. It is extremely important to keep up to date with the traffic trends and marketing needs. The SEO should be strong enough to boost your page to the top.

If you have read through the above and everything thing seems a whole new language it’s time to call me. Leave your worries and hire my services to ensure a smooth hassle free way of taking your website and business to the next level.

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