Find php version of your cpanel hosting

How to Check PHP version of Website or Web Hosting

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Wondering what is the PHP version of your web hosting or your website has? In this post, I will guide how to check which version of the PHP has been installed on your Cpanel Hosting account. If you have a shared hosting account on Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Justhost etc then you can easily figure out the php version. All you need is the access of your hosting account.

Find php version of your cpanel hosting

Steps to check PHP version of your Cpanel Hosting Account

  1. Login to your Hosting Account
    Login page
  2. Click on PhpMyAdmin on Dashboard
    Hosting Dashboard
  3. Once the PhpMyadmin Dashboard will open, scrawl down a bit and look at Right Hand Side of the page. The Php Version is visible, like in my hosting account, the PHP Version is 5.6.30
    Php Version on PhpMyAdmin

If you have a wordpress website, then you can follow above steps to find out exact version of PHP uses on your website.

Video Tutorial

If you know any other ways to find out the php version on hosting account then do let me know using below form.

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