Google Indexed Pages Checker

It is common for website owner / webmaster to check how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google. And that is where the indexed pages checker free tool comes in picture. It’s a very useful technique to find out how many pages of a website have been index by Search Engines.

So, before we proceed, it’s necessary to let you know that there are 02 ways to check how many pages of your website have been crawled by Google. And in reality, you don’t need any tool to check how many pages are crawled by Google. You can right-away check the indexed pages in front of your computer.

Google Indexed Pages Checker

Find how many pages of your website Google has indexed

1st Option

1) Open Chrome Browser

2) Type “site:www.yoursitename.com” on address bar. Make sure to replace ‘www.yoursitename.com’ to your website URL, as shown below:

Index page checker using Chrome Browser

3) Hit ‘Enter’ button on Keyboard.

4) Now Google will show how many pages have been crawled by robots, example of index pages have been shown below:

Total index pages by Google

Here you can count that total no. of pages of your website is crawled.

But here is the trick that you should be aware of.

If any of the pages are not linked or blocked by ‘robots.txt’ / ‘Meta tag’, then that page won’t be access by Search Engines, and therefore, total number of indexed pages won’t be shown on result page.  Therefore make sure that all of pages are interlinked properly and not blocked.

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2nd Option

In the second option, Google Webmaster Tool comes in picture which is FREE tool for website owner.

Follow below steps to check total indexed pages:

1) Open www.google.com/webmasters

2)  Login to your account with Username and Password (Note: You must have Gmail account in order to access it)

3)  Now, ‘Search Console’ dashboard will open.

4)  You will see your website name on this dashboard, if you have already added your website in Google Webmaster.

5) Click on URL.

6) Move mouse on Left Hand Side and click on Google Index  >> Index Status

Google Index Status on Search Console

7) Now Google Search Console will show the total number of crawl pages using a graph, as shown below:

Check index status of pages via search console


This graph will tell you total no. of pages are crawled till date by Google.

Hope these 02 ways will help you out, if yes, then don’t forget to share this useful article with other and if you still have any doubt, then leave your comment below using comment section.

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