What is klif.sys Blue Screen & How to Fix it

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Kaspersky Lab Intruder Filter or klif.sys file is a software component of Kaspersky Anti-Virus which is a product of Kaspersky Lab. The file is mandatory component of the antivirus software from Kaspersky and the program cannot work well without klif.sys installed on the system.


KLIF Full Form: Kaspersky Lab Intruder Filter

About Klif.sys

Klif.sys is a driver for Windows that allows the computer to establish a communication with the hardware and other connected devices. This means that this system has direct access to the operating system as well the hardware of your computer. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the file has been downloaded and installed from a trustworthy source.

Its process name is commonly known as Klif Mini-Filter or fre_wxp_x86 or Kaspersky Lab Driver.

Klif.sys is not the system file of Windows Operating System. But, it’s the part of Kaspersky Antivirus.

Common Error

Users have reported that they usually encounter with a blue screen with klif.sys error message that says:

System_Service_Exception (klif.sys)

Is Klif.sys a Virus?

It has been found out that there are twelve different types of malware that have been disguised as klif.sys and found in various computers. If the klif.sys file in your system is not genuine and trustworthy, it is likely to give errors.

If you have been facing these errors, check for the location of the program. If it is not located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder, which id the default location of the file, there is a very high possibility that it is a thread and needs to be uninstalled immediately. You can find the file in Control Panel and remove it completely from your system before the malware starts affecting your system.

How to fix klif.sys blue screen error

If you are seeing frequent blue screen on your monitor with klif.sys error message, then follow below steps to fix it:

1st Method

  • Click on Start button, type %temp% and hit Enter button
  • Select All files and press Shift + Delete button to remove all temporary files from the system
  • Now, restart the computer, blue screen error should not appear now.

2nd Method

  • Uninstall Advanced SystemCare software from your system, Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program
  • If LavasoftTcpService software does exists on your system, then remove it.
  • Also remove Malwarebytes from your computer.

Following above 02 steps will help to get rid of klif.sys error on  your windows 10/7.

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