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Kumar Webmaster for Hire

Looking for an experienced Webmaster to take care of your website? Hire me as a freelancer today, as a webmaster specialist, to take care of website management, SEO, digital marketing, fixing website issues, and many more. Webmaster for Hire is a perfect solution for all your web-related tasks. I am your webmaster to take care of your website requirements.  I am an experienced guy offering all website services for your Company. Hire me to outsource your website task at many affordable rates.  Hire a virtual expert website admin (+91-82941-53361) for a wide range of works that include:

  • Regular Website maintenance
  • Web Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ecommerce (Amazon)

Hire a Webmaster for Fast Services

I, Kumar, am a freelancer webmaster, offering services from designing & website maintenance to online marketing for your website at affordable rates.   I started my career as a web-designer in 2006 with a leading IT company in India. Today, I have gained 12 years of extensive knowledge on:

Over the years, I got exposure to working on a wide range of technologies. Today, my skills are not just limited to web technology but I have also learned digital marketing that includes search engine optimization, Adword, fixing WordPress sites, video promotion, social media optimization and many more.

Check my website speed
Check my website speed at Google Speed Testing, I can do the same for your website too.

I have 13 years of experience in the web technology field and have worked on a wide range of platforms. Today, I am maintaining 45+ websites, which are developed in static and CMS sites.

Additionally, I have a decent knowledge of PHP, ASP/.Net, Video editing and Database management. I am also managing 8 shared and 1 dedicated server. Before that, I used to manage 3 dedicated servers during my full-time job, when I was based at Mumbai and Pune (India).

I can be your affordable freelance webmaster expert to take care of your website from website maintenance, digital marketing to website development.

During my tenure, I got various opportunities to work with India’s top 100 companies. This helped me work closely with the administrative, coding and marketing part as well. This also helped me improve my overall communication and management skills.

I can help you in several ways in order to make your website live, load it fast, make it friendly for users and search engines, and much more.

Moreover, being a professional website admin, I have good knowledge on fixing a hacked website and removing malware scripts. I got opportunities to fix such issues on more than 30+ static as well as dynamic (WordPress) sites.

Why You Should Hire Me as a Freelance Webmaster?

Is your website not running smoothly? Are you tired of interrupting services from your website maintenance company? Is your website getting hacked frequently?  Are you not able to troubleshoot your website problems?

Then here is your solution: A good webmaster!

Hire the best professional Webmaster as a freelancer to take care of your short-term to regular work. I have been working as a Freelancer Webmaster for France, Maroc, Dubai, United States, London, and other countries.

Believe it or not, but in real life, finding a good reliable web admin is a tough job.  It doesn’t matter how much you pay, if the requested services are not delivered within the deadline, then it’s worth nothing!!

Following are some perks that you will have once you handover the job to me:

  1. Wide range of knowledge on Web Technologies.
  2. 12 Years of Experience.
  3. Always meets the deadlines.
  4. An Honest Guy you can depend on.
  5. Works 11 hours a day.
  6. Last but not least, affordable services.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a specialist to accomplish your website work at an affordable cost, call me +91-82941-53361 or contact me here.

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