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Offering my Search Engine Optimization Expert services across Pune city. With 12 years of experience, my freelancing services in Pune are affordable to grow business online.  Hello, My name is Kumar and I started working on my Digital marketing career in 2006.  The last 12 years have been highly fruitful in terms of experience.  My career choice took me to different avenues often. Initially, I worked very hard to understand the nuances of the digital marketing industry and gradually became better at it, if not the best.
Search Engine Optimization
If you own a website or a business trying to market the products and services online, you perhaps already know what SEO is. If you are still unfamiliar with the concept of SEO, let me briefly explain: Search Engine Optimization is a technique which is deployed to bring a website in the top rankings when searched on a search Engine. For example- When any arbitrary search is made on Google, there are thousands of pages that appear as a result. However, many links don’t even make their appearance in the first page out of numerous pages. In that case, those pages don’t reach the target audience and attract very less traffic. Hence, comes the method of Search Engine optimization.

My career Graph as an SEO Specialist

Over the years in my career as an SEO consultant and analyst, I have worked with various small and big companies. One thing that I have understood that designing a website is only the beginning of the work. Other than Search Engine Optimization I have worked in PPC, SMO, WordPress Designing, Hosting, and more. The experience of working with tech giants like TATA in Mumbai and MNC in Pune was the turning point of my career.

After working over a decade, I can say that I have gained good experience and can refer as SEO Expert Pune. I know almost everything that is required to build a superb website like:

So, if you want to hire an experienced freelance  SEO expert in Pune, then consider me. I have worked with over 110+ companies and delivered best result at affordable rates.

My Current Role

I am currently managing, optimizing, and promoting 11 small and 3 large scale websites on my own and they prove to be my great learning ground. On top of that, I am hosting 55 websites of my own at present. So, I am pretty much confident on how to optimize a wide range of websites and experienced enough to provide SEO services in Pune city.

To me, every project is an experience in itself and helping my clients achieve their target is my aim. I like to put myself in your shoes before putting across a suggestion.

Why should you hire me as an SEO Expert in Pune?

There are over 200 rules set by Search Engine (Google) in order to rank well, finding and learning all of them is hard. I have learned a lot in last 11 years after several trial and error methods. I have read and learned about almost all kinds of traffic generation online. I possess in-depth knowledge of Keyword Research, Architecture, CMS (WordPress), Web Hosting from shared, VPS to the dedicated server among others.

In last 12 years, I have understood and realized the relevance of the famous phrase,” Going by the rules”. I totally believe in using ethical methods to help my clients run their businesses, for adopting shortcuts can lead to disasters in the end. Therefore, I adhere to white hat seo to optimize and improve ranking of a website.

Why am I different?

Honestly, hiring an SEO Consultant is not easy. I do not work with any online marketing company. Instead,  I have a small team of digital marketing professionals in Pune, who work 10 hours a day, do a lot of research, in order to keep improving ourselves and provide better results.  And yes, I take off my own precious time to get the best results out of a task. I do not like to treat seo as a generic term and I do not sell anything in a fixed package. I believe in targeting the requirements of a client individually and if we work together in the future, rest assured, your site is in the right hands.

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

Now, people with websites wanting to increase the traffic in their webpages may have a lot of questions regarding the results of SEO and therefore, as an SEO expert, my article aims at clearing all those doubts.

  • Firstly, you need to be very sure of the expertise irrespective of an SEO consultant or an SEO company. You can’t hire anyone just like that without verifying how expert and professional your SEO consultant or company are. Now, coming to the advantages of SEO consultant over SEO company, the best part with SEO consultant is that you will get the same SEO services or even more at a budget-friendly expense.
  • I have worked as an SEO expert for more than a decade for all my clients have been fortune 500 companies. Ranging from dentists to lawyers to doctors to e-commerce companies, I have served all. With a SEO consultant who has such a long and varied experience of Search Engine Optimization, you are not only entitled to get the best SEO services, you are even able to take care of your budget. Moreover, if you are outsourcing your SEO requirements to a SEO company, you won’t be able to approach them for time-to-time modifications, unlike you can, when an autonomous SEO expert or consultant is working for you.
  • There are no universal and fixed rules for search engine optimization. If an SEO expert claims very confidently to deliver you 100% results through SEO, you need to be wary of such a person because no SEO consultant can guarantee certain results. Ethical ways of Search Engine Optimization are not fixed and will vary depending on the results. So, an SEO expert’s job is to try his level best to gain optimum results, and after analyzing the shortcomings in the optimization process, to improve the techniques to get better results.
  • What you actually need your SEO expert to assure is that they have monthly link building deliverables. The clients should know what and how much they can expect i.e. the number of links being built every month. In case you are not getting a clear idea of how your web content is being optimized or you are not receiving detailed monthly link building reports, contact me right away.
  • You can begin to see the results of SEO withing 3-4 weeks of time, on average. What clients should keep in mind is SEO is a long-term game and not just a quick one-time strategy. You may see some initial positive signs within 4 weeks or so but you need to be patient for SEO to unfold the major results. The best and maximum returns can be expected in seven months to a year and beyond.
  • You can determine the estimated time of your SEO results by picking a keyword and checking it’s current rank. Depending on your budget and current rank, you can estimate how long it will take to bring your webpages in top ranks.
  • As a typical example, 3-4 pages of content will start showing positive results in 4 to 6 weeks. In a span of 6 months, it may start appearing in the bottom of the first page. It can take another few months to move to the next level. By the end of one and a half years, you can expect your webpage to be on the top 1 to 5 searches.
  1. Charges are very subjective and differ from one consultant to another. However, there are some common factors that determine the cost of SEO.
  2. Number of keywords– Keywords are the catch of search Engine Optimization. The number of keywords you want to target will decide the cost of SEO.
  3. Competitiveness of the keywords you want to change.
  4. Current keyword ranks are also responsible for the cost.
  5. Your goals, expectations and deadline to achieve the SEO results affect the pricing.

The report begins with your current keyword rank and analysis after which the results are tracked once or twice a week. Then, keyword rank reports are sent to clients every month. An elaborate and detailed analysis of keyword rank along with link building reports are provided irrespective of the client’s budget. The report contains the number of links built each month- live URL, anchor text, targeted URL, Page Authority, and Trust Flow.

No, none of the SEO services provided by me are outsourced. I, along with my own team-work dedicatedly to render the best SEO services to our clients. My team consists of professional content writers and proof-readers with a profound command over the language. Our SEO and link building services are of premium quality and available for approval by clients.

It depends on what your business objectives are. As an SEO expert, I would recommend not choosing the SEO services on the parameter of cost rather the expertise and experience of the consultant or agency. Cost would just matter you once but the kind of experience you get in an SEO expert will help you long-term in keeping your website ranking on top.

Most clients have this common question wherein they want to understand after how many days or months, their websites can start ranking on the top and have increased reach and visibility. It usually takes 5 to 6 months approximately for SEO to start showing results but you also need to keep in mind various factors like the Genre of the website and competition in that arena. For example- if your website is on a topic that is less competitive, it implies that there is comparatively less content probably on the web and as a result, after implementing SEO, your website can come in the top ranks in just 3-4 months. However, if there is a huge competition, it can take longer than that to be able to see satisfactory results. As it’s said, SEO will help your website grow over time organically even if it doesn’t deliver extremely quick results. In a year, you can expect satisfactory results from SEO.
SEO is not something as simple as a mathematical equation that one does certain steps and gets the exactly same results every time. It involves a lot of analysis, hit and trial methods and then checking the results over time. So, quite obviously no SEO expert or SEO consultant can guarantee 100 % result. Nevertheless, an experienced SEO consultant, with his expertise can provide you with the best services after thorough analysis and this certainly leads to positive results.

Well, the answer for this is quite obvious: Just implementing SEO once can’t keep your website in the top rank as the search keywords are not fixed and as said before, it is not some kind of technique with universal and pre-determined results.  With the SEO techniques, we can certainly help you come in the top rank but it is not a lifetime deal. We may have to work on it time and again and therefore help you maintain that rank and position.

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