How digital marketing is changing businesses

10 Ways How Digital Marketing is Changing Businesses

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Digital marketing is a way of reaching out to your prospective & existing customers through the internet or any electronic medium. Marketing specialists use this method to put forward promotional messages and also measure their impact on the target group. This marketing activity can happen via computers, mobile phones, tablets, or similar devices.

How digital marketing is changing businesses

Digital marketing can assume various avatars like search engine marketing, display advertisements, online videos, posts on social media, paid advertisements on social media, etc. Nowadays, a large section of the population worldwide spends a substantial amount of time on the internet. That’s why it is becoming increasingly vital for marketers to establish a strong online presence and to reach out to this online population through various methods of digital promotion.

Forms of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can take up multiple forms, depending on the method used and the objective of the marketer. Some of these are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-per-click (AdWords)
  • Guest Blogging
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Videos

Without a doubt, digital marketing has the capacity to change the way businesses operate. Because it brings with it a wide range of far-reaching and impactful benefits. Below, we will take a look at some of the ways in which it can do so.

Ten Ways in Which Digital Marketing Can Change Businesses

1) Understand Your Audience

Digital marketing would help you to determine your online audience size and your market share.  You would also gain a better understanding of your online marketplace. Customer profiles, decisions, behaviors, etc. would vary widely. It is critical to understand these parameters thoroughly before going for a targeted message or promotional. This is the very first step and that’s why the Keyword Research play an crucial part. Choosing right set of keyword help you to target correct audience.

2) Engage the Customers, Not Just Serve Them

Earlier, customers had pre-fixed times when they could approach businesses with their queries. But in these days of staying connected 24x7x365, customers can reach out to businesses with their feedback/suggestions/complaints via the organizations’ social media platforms. So, businesses need to be alert all the while so that they can receive and act upon these customer opinions instantly. This has been a step forward from customer service. This is customer engagement. Businesses are always involved with the customers and are readily available to the latter.

3) Involve in Dialogues with the Customers

The traditional marketing methods have always been a one-way road. Businesses announced what they wanted to announce through the traditional marketing methods. It took the customers’ responses for granted. But today, businesses are proactively inviting customers to speak out and voice their requirements. Businesses are asking for suggestions on product/service development from customers – and acting upon them. This is also increasing the customers’ trust in the organizations.

4) Communication is Happening Real-time with the Customers

Have you ever tried your hand at a roulette wheel? The roulette ball is like the message you want to convey to customers. It bounces and spins and finally lands somewhere (your customer). Social media represents this wheel. It provides an opportunity to interact with its customers in a public forum and promote its products.

However, businesses are taking this a step ahead. ctoday engage in one-to-one communication with their target group and also through private chat groups. This is a more personalized and intimate way of reaching out to their customers. This results in a much more effective engagement.

5) Manage the Content Overload

Via social media, billions of bytes of content are being generated every second around the world. Digital marketers make use of digital technology to make their presence felt and create an impact while all this huge content is being shared on social media. Digital marketing tools help companies to create top-quality content and make the product images much more attractive. By using stylish and more personalized images and videos, organizations appeal to customers by focusing on the core benefits of their products and services. And digital marketing tools make this possible.

6) Doesn’t Burn a big Hole in Your Pockets

Traditional advertising methods have always been expensive – be it a physical billboard, newspaper/tabloid ads, TV/radio campaigns, etc. These, consequently, had been beyond the reach of many organizations. But digital marketing methods allow organizations to reach out to a much larger target customer base at a fraction of the costs. They provide better results by helping to make the communication more focused.

The best way to gain instant leads is to use the Google AdWords. This allows to target specific region, age group, interest and much more which will help to target a niche audience.

7) Reach Out to the Exact Target Group

When a business is using traditional marketing methods like billboards, newspaper/TV ads, it’s spending a lot of money and making a fair amount of noise. But is it reaching out to the group it wanted to reach out to? Is the noise that it’s making, becoming effective?

Digital marketing answers these questions. In fact, it doesn’t let these questions arise. It helps the businesses to become like snipers. They can focus on the exact target customer group and direct its message and choose the digital media accordingly. By making use of artificial intelligence or other machine learning technology, marketing communication has become much more focused and has resulted in greater accuracy and impact.

8) Ensures Greater Transparency

Customers are much more aware nowadays. They want to know more about the details of the products and services before they buy them. That’s why they take the traditional marketing messages with a pinch of salt. However, digital marketers engage the customers in sharing their experience of using the product/service through dedicated social media platforms.

These experience-sharing incidents influence prospective customers more than just one-way messages from companies. Digital marketers also use this positive feedback to reinforce their marketing message. This transparency in allowing users to voice their usage experience also helps to build trust in prospective customers about the company.

9) Create an Influencer Army

Various social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, etc. have created influencers. They are regular consumers of a certain product or service that is offered by one/more companies. They are ordinary people, not celebrities. But these people have tremendous powers of influencing prospective consumers. The latter can connect with these influencers much faster than they do with celebrity users and endorsers. And the opinions of these influencers carry higher credibility than those of celebrities.

Digital marketers are increasingly reaching out to these influencers in their dedicated social media pages. These people do a much more effective job of attracting prospective customers. This is perhaps one of the most important ways in which digital marketing has transformed, and is transforming, businesses globally.

10) Has Encouraged Innovation

Age-old ways of reaching out to the target group won’t bear fruit anymore. Digital marketing methods and messages need to be more creative and out-of-the-box to create the desired impact. Marketers are always exercising their grey cells in coming up with more innovative ideas to reach into the customers’ minds and impact their buying behavior. And the various social media platforms allow these innovations to be implemented real-time, and in a cost-effective manner.


In today’s era, growing business with the help of digital marketing is easy. All you need is to hire a good webmaster or a company who can guide all the steps that need to implement on your website. The market is huge, all you need is the right tool and person to grow your business.

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